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Helping Churches Develop Strong Marriage Ministries

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Marriage Champion Church (MCC)?

A Marriage Champion Church is a church that is intentional about ministering to marriages on an ongoing basis. These churches develop a year-round marriage ministry strategy which guides them through the process throughout the year.  Becoming a Marriage Champion Church is not about completing a task; it is about beginning a process.

What  does the leadership structure  of a MCC look like?

The most important part of a Marriage Champion Church is the Marriage Ministry Team. This team consists of three role players: 

  1. Senior pastor 
  2. Team Leader  
  3. Couple Leaders

The strength of this team is found in facilitating the energy and passion of volunteers who are already eager to help couples. By defining their specific roles, providing them with a simple path, communicating realistic expectations, and clear direction, we can mobilize a committed team of volunteer couples to help you maximize your impact of marriages within your church and community.

What is the scope of a MCC?

Marriage Ministry generally focuses on three primary areas: 1) Pre-marriage 2) Marriage Enrichment and 3) Marriages in trouble. A MCC will have an intentional strategic plan to address each of these areas of ministry at some point throughout the year.

There are five primary communication vehicles a MCC uses to accomplish the above. 

  1. The  Pulpit/Preaching 
  2. Small Groups 
  3. Events  
  4. Resources and Referrals, and 
  5. Social Media

We can help your Marriage Ministry Team prayerfully look at the year-at-a-glance calendar and make sure something is planned or emphasized to intentionally reach each of the three focus areas (Pre-marriage, Enrichment, Troubled). We can also help your team synchronize how marriage ministry is being offered through the church's ministry communication vehicles to create a smooth and sequential flow for year-round marriage ministry!

What is the structure of a MCC?

We suggest that every MCC have a few minimum components in their structure:

  • A Marriage Ministry Team Leader. This can be a staff person or a volunteer couple. That is up to your church to decide.
  • Pre-marriage preparation. We recommend giving couples a great start in marriage by offering them     marriage preparation. A MCC makes sure that couples being married in their church go through a church approved Pre-marriage curriculum.     
  • Marriage Ministry Identified. Each MCC should highlight or create a “Marriage Ministry” category that is visible on the church’s website.  This can be as simple as adding a “Marriage Ministry” link to a one-page description of the church’s ministry. The purpose is so that people who visit your church  website will see that your church is visibly prioritizing strong marriages. It says, “Marriages are Important to Us!”

How can our church get started?

1. Take a brief assessment of current ministry assets. This involves:

  • A one-hour meeting with a Winning Families' Representative
  • A review of your annual calendar
  • Starting the conversation about how to move forward in developing your marriage ministry plan considering how you can use the ministry communication vehicles you already have in place

Start here: Church Profile Form

2. Begin building your Marriage Ministry Team

  • Choose a Team Leader (staff or volunteers)
  • Consider who might be a good fit for the team


3. Meet for prayer and brainstorming

  • Invite the people (couples) you want to be in the planning phase
  • Cast the vision and introduce the Marriage Ministry year-round strategy and ministry vehicles
  • Define simple action points and objectives

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for our services.  Winning Families is dedicated to helping strengthen marriages in our city.  We are here to support, encourage, and equip you because we believe that healthy marriages contribute to a growing congregation.  Our goal is to help you be the best you can be while seeking to assist you and your church in ministering to marriages and families.   

However, we do ask churches to consider supporting Winning Families so we can help other churches. This is not a requirement for Marriage Champion Churches.


How big does a MCC need to be?


The size of your church does not need to hinder you from having an effective marriage ministry! God works through people, not programs! If you have one couple who desires to impact others, you have a good place to start. We can help you find the best starting place and walk with you as you develop your marriage ministry.


If you think your church may be ready to join the growing number of Marriage Champion Churches, contact us today. We  are here to help.