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Comments about Winning Families

One of the things I appreciate about Winning Families is their unique ability to keep what’s important at the forefront. Every married couple faces difficulty. We are sometimes reluctant to ask for a helping hand, but we all need one some time or another. My wife and I attended our first marriage seminar years ago. Since then, we have continued to learn and grow. Winning Families is a necessary ministry that we need to keep strong and growing.

- Ken

We heard about Winning Families from a friend who is also a pastor in San Angelo. We had been struggling in our marriage for some time and didn’t have the tools we needed to deal with our issues in an appropriate way. Our marriage counselor at Winning Families helped us not only sort out our problems, but gave us the tools we needed to communicate correctly. Our marriage is better now than ever. We will always be thankful for the help we received from Winning Families.

- Married Couple

I am very grateful for how our counselor listened to each of our perspectives during the counseling sessions. He guided us through problem solving processes in order to allow us to have a marriage relationship where we could communicate effectively with one another and work through difficult situations.
- Thankful Wife

We came to Winning Families because of issues that came up in our marriage. It was a second marriage for both of us, and we just really weren’t prepared for the issues that we faced, even though we both thought that we were.

Winning Families has equipped us with the tools and methods that we weren’t practicing before we came here and those have allowed us to at least sit and talk to one another, and to know that there’s hope. We are on the road to reclaiming our marriage. They have helped us recommit to the vows that we spoke the day we were married. They’ve helped us, me, in particular, to see they are worth something fighting for…..

- Thankful Couple

Winning Families has given us a safe and comfortable and even fun place to discover some issues that are sensitive to our family and our marriage. We really enjoyed being able to work through things and we know that when we come here we are always going to be encouraged and pointed to the Lord.

- Thankful Couple
I’ve been married for 18 years. When I first got married I didn’t know how to be a husband. Five years into my marriage we were definitely headed for divorce. We first met Winning Families, they spent a lot a time with us, invested into our marriage, taught us how to communicate, taught us how to fight fair, taught us the things that we should do and the things that we shouldn’t do. Because of their influence, our marriage has made it. My wife is my best friend now and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that without Winning Families that wouldn’t have happened.
- Thankful Husband